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Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program Guide

A Guide to Understanding Essential Rewards Program

What are Essential Rewards?

Young Living offers an Essential Rewards (ER) program to YL members. ER is an autoship program (monthly box) where you purchase 50 PV (product value or point value) every month. THe Product Value is usually dollar for dollar in price value, but not always. Be sure to look at the PV of each product you are purchasing to make sure your PV (not necessarily amount spent) equals 50 every month.

With the Essential Rewards program, you will earn points toward future product purchases. This program rewards you for every “monthly box” purchase of 50 PV or more. You are allowed ONE Essential Rewards purchase per month, but can make as many quick orders as you like. Keep in mind though, quick orders do not accumulate ER points.
Below is an example of what an ER order looks like. This ER order has over the 50 PV but yours does not have to look like this. It’s good to have an idea of what multiple items in the cart look like, and how the PV vs. Dollar Amount looks.

How do I earn points?

Young Living is so grateful for their loyal customers that they wanted to reward them. With each ER (monthly box) purchase you will get a percentage back into a “piggy bank” for you to spend at a later time (free money for products)!

  • In the first three months (months 1, 2, & 3), you get 10% back in ER point credits.
  • In the next twenty-one months (months 4 – 24), you get 20% back in ER point credits.
  • In every month after, beginning with month 25, you get 25% back in ER point credits.

Now this can add up pretty quickly, especially if you are taking advantage of the monthly promos, and even more quickly once you hit month 4. These points begin to build up as soon as your order ships. If you are just becoming a Young Living Member you can use your Premium Starter Kit Purchase as your first ER order! If you ever want to know what your ER points are, you can find them in your Virtual Office. They are right on the main page under Rewards Points.
Young Living didn’t stop there. You also get free oily gifts at months 3, 6, 9, and 12. Month 12 you’ll get Loyalty essential oil. Loyalty cannot be bought; it is exclusively for Essential Reward members only!

How do I get an ER Account?

If you are just now joining Young Living, you can start on the ER autoship program right away! Not a member yet, click here and learn how to join. Go to Youngliving.com select become a member. Select I was referred by a member and have their ID numbers, 1516373 You will enter this number in both sponsor ID and Member ID.

You will be prompted to pick a starter kit.

Once you’ve selected the perfect one for you below it you will see Essential Rewards. You can choose an Essential Rewards Kit in addition to your Starter Kit, OR you can *customize* your ER order with whatever you want, as long as it is at least $50 in product.

After you have completed your Essential Rewards account, be sure to click the button that says, “Confirm Monthly Order.” Your Essential Rewards order will process on the date of your choice.

Already a YL Wholesale Member, and want to join ER, you can sign up one of two ways.

  • Online through your Virtual Office: This is where you purchase your YL products. Simply log in to your account, click “Essential Rewards” in the left-hand column, and follow the instructions.
  • Or, call YL at 1-800-371-2928.

Do I have to order the same things every single month?

Nope! This is the beauty of the ER program. You can change what you order every single month it just has to reach the minimum of 50 PV. There are NO other requirements at all! This is a fantastic way to build your oil supply and try new oils and products.

It is super-easy to change your orders each month. Simply log in to Virtual Office, click on Essential Rewards in the left-hand column, click the “change order” button. Start adding the products you would like. Be sure to click the “save” button at the bottom. If you have added too many products (like I tend to do) just select the ones you want to delete, but be sure to hit that “save” button. You can alter your ER order up until the day it is processed.

How do I redeem my points?

Unfortunately, there are a few limitations. You can spend up to 375 points each month. Items with a blue-green banner beside them are eligible for points redemption. Items without the banner are not eligible.

When redeeming your points, pay careful attention to each item’s POINT VALUE, not price. As I mentioned above, most oils have a dollar-for-dollar price-to-point amount, but not all. If you are wondering how much point value you have to “spend,” here is an example:

  • If you have 100 points in your account, you can redeem them for any product with a PV value up to 100 PV.
  • OR if you have 100 points in your account, you can redeem them for multiple products that have a TOTAL PV of up to 100.
  • All ER points redemption must be placed via “Quick Order.” You cannot use these on your Essential Rewards order.
  • Shipping and tax is not covered with your points. That is an out of pocket expense.

PV Assistant

Sometimes things go out of stock before your order processes. With PV Assistant Young Living will add something from your special list so that you maintain the desired amount of PV.

How do I cancel my Essential Rewards program?

If you decide the ER program is not a good fit for you, that’s ok! Before you cancel, you’l want to make sure to cash in any accumulated ER points because once you cancel, they are gone. Use up those points, and then call YL customer service to cancel, with no penalties.

I hadn’t signed up with Essential Rewards when I first started and man do I regret it. You guys I missed out on so many stinkin ER points that it’s not even funny! Ack, makes me a little sick to my tummy just thinking about it! Don’t make the same mistake and miss out on free products and free $$$!

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