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Young Living Essential Oils vs Store Essential Oils

There are a LOT of new essential oil “brands” jumping into the oily world and this got me thinking about what kind of ingredients these companies are using. Just because you can buy oils doesn’t mean you always should. For instance, I was at Costco with my family and my husband noticed a box of “essential oils”. A box of 18 100% pure organic essential oil bottles for $50 (insert head scratch). To me, that is just crazy so I started reading the back of the box. It said something like… Do not apply topically and do not ingest. Well, what do I use these little bottles of essential oils for? If I can’t apply topically and I can’t ingest I surely shouldn’t diffuse them because wouldn’t I still be breathing in whatever I shouldn’t be ingesting? So I dug a bit further and here are a few things I have learned.

Grocery Store Essential Oils

  • If you have never experienced 100% essential oils, these oils will smell good!
  • These oils will have additives and synthetics in them.
  • There’s no support or community that comes from your local grocer.
  • They are cheap/cheaper
  • They can not be applied topically and or can’t be ingested.

I get it, buying essential oils can be expensive but you’re not going to find quality, therapeutic, ingestible, safe essential oils at the grocery store (or Costco, Target, Trader Joe’s, Home Goods, etc.). When you’re in Target at the dollar spot about to put that $1 peppermint essential oil in your basket I want you to think of this. It takes more than 200 pounds of peppermint leaves to make 1 pound of pure essential oil. How therapeutic do you think that $1 bottle of peppermint is? Or better yet what is in that $1 bottle of what they are labeling as peppermint essential oil?

FDA Guidelines for Store brand oils

An essential oil only has to contain 5% essential oil to be labeled as an essential oil … WAIT… only 5%!? So I dug a bit deeper. If you look at the FDA’s (Federal Drug Administration) website that 5% can be 100% synthetic, WHAT! So there are potentially zero essential oils in these essential oils that are being purchased at the store. As long as a synthetic peppermint (any essential oil) meets the chemical profile of the “actual peppermint plant” it can be labeled the exact same way! My mind was blown.

So why Young Living?

Young Living sets the bar high when it comes to quality, proudly setting the standard for authenticity and purity. Young Living oversees every step and process, from the soil the seed is planted into the sealed bottle that is delivered right to your front door. Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns its own farms or partners with farms that are willing to live up to their standards for growing, harvesting and distilling. They have been producing the finest quality oils for 25 years and with over 200 different oils they have the greatest selection of singles & blends of any essential oil company. Young Living tests each batch of essential oil multiple times. If an oil doesn’t pass Young Living’s strict quality standards, they won’t offer it for sale. When Young Livings says their essential oils are 100% pure, that 5 ml or 15 ml bottle is 100% pure essential oils. Don’t believe me? Young Living welcomes and encourages people to go visit their farms across the world to see the process first hand!

Young Living Essential Oils

  • Leader and original network marketing company of the essential oil industry (25 years).
  • Seed to Seal quality commitment that goes above and beyond what other brands offer.
  • Owns their own farms across the world.
    Over 600 life-changing products.
  • More than 100 free educational tools and resources plus member assistance all the time.
  • 100% pure essential oils

As you can see not all essential oils are made the same. Please know what you are purchasing and what you are applying to your bodies as well as breathing in. Do more research if needed. If you are interested in getting signed up with Young Living you can go HERE and learn how to get started! I look forward to helping you on this Young Living oily adventure!

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