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Where it all began…

Where it all began…

On a Saturday night in Fort Collins at The Rock Nightclub there I was anxiously watching, waiting for him to arrive. I was so excited to see him again and hoped so badly that maybe this time he would notice me. While my friend and I  were dancing I noticed him walking in, I threw up my hands and pointed right at him yelling “look there he is”. Right as I did that we made eye contact, I was so embarrassed because he caught me pointing and staring at him. He made his way through the crowded dance floor, walked up to me, told me his name and introduced me to his cousin. All I can remember hearing is girls yelling his name and him glancing back at them with his big beautiful smile. We didn’t talk the rest of the night. He was just so gorgeous and I was too nervous to ask him to dance so I just watched him and prayed that maybe he’ll notice me again.

The club was closing and everyone had to leave. We still hadn’t talked and I was so mad at myself for being so shy. To my surprise he came up to me and asked me for my phone number. Now back in those days we used to write them down on napkins or paper, we didn’t just enter them into cell phones like nowadays. Anyways, we had both been drinking so I assumed he was just asking to be nice. I mean who just remembers phone numbers? To my surprise he called me the very next day! And from that day on we have been together ever since. 18 years together, 14 years married, and 7 kids later! He is the love of my life my happily ever after.

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