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Fairy Garden Birthday Party

I think I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again, birthdays are my favorite celebrations! Since birthdays are so magical we had to have a fairy garden themed party for Raylen’s sixth birthday! It incorporated everything she loves doing, crafting, dressing up, fairies, and gardening. It was truly a magical whimsical day!

The heart of the party was the fairy garden station. It was covered with a grass runner and many little objects the girls could add to there fairy garden. I was going to get the beautiful terracotta pot plates but with most of the girls being 5-6 years old I didn’t want anyone to drop it and get hurt so we chose some plastic ones. To help with preparation and to keep the dirt mess to a minimum I had a few of my older girls help me fill them with potting soil before the party started. All the girls got to pick the flowers they wanted in there garden as well as other accessories such as a house, jewels, toadstools, jar of fairy dust, butterflies and little lady bugs. Most of these items you can purchase at your local craft store.

I wanted to have a lot of fun snacks for our little fairies so I tried to get creative. Toadstool cupcakes, veggie garden veggies, twigs, pixie dust popcorn and woodland berries were just a few of there favorites.

Each girl also got a set of wings and a flower crown. I wish I had gotten pictures of these.  The part was just as fun as it was cute. All the girls had a great time creating there own little fairy garden!

The best part about parties is have fun with them and let your birthday girl or boy get involved and help. It’s amazing to see what there little minds come up with!

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