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Refreshing Drink for the Perfect Pick Me Up

I know how hard it is to run a busy household, especially when you have to keep your eyes on little ones, make sure your school age kiddoes are attending there studies whether it be remote or in person and tending to household needs.  By the time it hits 1:30 in the afternoon I feel like I’m yawning the day away.  How on earth will you ever make it to the end of the day?

I used to grab my favorite can of soda (Pepsi or Coke, it changed daily), crack that sucker open and indulge in that sugary syrupy drink. Shortly after I would get the jump start that I needed but I would also get a tummy ache, headache, and then I’d crash again. Why I put myself though this daily, I don’t really know. I have since changed my afternoon pick me up cocktail but I do still have a soda from time to time. So what’s my new go too?

I’m sorry to say it but water is your best friend!

I know, I know water is so boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Stay hydrated and energized by infusing your drink with YL Vitality Drops+ Energy.  These drops are legit, let me tell you. I had energy for several hours without any tummy aches, headaches and NO CRASH. They come in two different flavors that will surely give you that afternoon wake up call you are so desperately needing.

Add a splash of  Spearmint Tangerine or Jade Lemon Berry to your water or infuse it in a sparkling water/bubbly drink for an unbeatable taste.

Spearmint Tangerine is light and bright flavor with the perfect hint of mint!

Jade Lemon Berry – a flavor so tasty and delightful you’ll reach for it again and again and again.




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