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DIY Bath Salts

Are you living your best bathtub life?

If you aren’t infusing your bath with essential oils you aren’t living your best bathtub life. Yes a bath with warm water and bubbles sounds nice but you need to pamper yourself, you deserve it! By simply adding a few drops of Young Living essential oils to some Epsom salt you can have a spa like experience right at home.

DIY Bath Salts
– Glass jars (I found these cute little glass jars as a set of 4 at the Dollar Store)
– Epsom Salt
– Essential oils (I like to use Peace and Calming, Stress Away, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Geranium you can use whatever oil is calling you)

Fill the jar with Epsom salt and then dump that into a bowl. Depending on the size of jar you get, add 5 + drops of essential oils to the Epsom salt and mix it together. Take a sniff of your mixture and see if it’s strong enough for you. If not add more drops until you like it. Once it’s all mixed together put it back in your jar. Voila you are done.

Add a cute little bow and these make great inexpensive gifts for family, friends, teachers, etc.

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