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Chopped salads are some of my favorite go to lunches. They are quick, versatile, and extremely satisfying. This Greek style chickpea salad with essential oil dressing is easy to make and bursting with flavor. Perfect for if you’re on the go or just relaxing at home. Using Young Living vitality oils is the perfect way… Read more

We’ve always done themed meals like Taco Tuesday and Pizza and movie Friday, but we have recently added to our themed meals, Meatless Mondays!  I did a week long body cleans of meatless meals a few weeks ago and really enjoyed some of the meals I made. Now this one you can easily add chicken… Read more

It’s hard making a meal for 9 people that typically everyone loves. I usually have a few kiddoes who go through their dinner plate and like to pick out pieces of diced onions or something they don’t particularly like. To my surprise everyone enjoyed this meal, even the littlest one!  Greek Chicken and Rice Bowl… Read more

I think you will all agree with me that homemade dinner rolls are the best! I think bread in general is a weakness of mine so when I found this recipe I had to try it. These rolls are so soft, fluffy and flavorful it’s hard to not eat more then one or even two… Read more

My kids and I love to bake! Things may not always turn out the way we hoped but when you have 6 extra hands helping with measurements things might get doubled or overlooked. So when my Aunt Pam gave me her chocolate chip cookie recipe I made them by myself to make sure they came… Read more

Round up the cattle and pull up your boots straps because it’s time for a barnyard themed birthday party. Birthdays are one of my most favorite things to celebrate! There are so many possibilities at what you can do. For my son’s 1st birthday I wanted to keep it simple with the 3 P’s, park… Read more

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