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Essential Oils

I think you will all agree with me that homemade dinner rolls are the best! I think bread in general is a weakness of mine so when I found this recipe I had to try it. These rolls are so soft, fluffy and flavorful it’s hard to not eat more then one or even two… Read more

When it comes to laundry in a house with 9 bodies it’s an endless growing mountain of clothes.  So let’s talk about laundry soap.  Many laundry soaps are filled with chemicals that are harmful to our bodies AND what’s even worse is the manufacturers don’t even have to list these nasty chemicals on the labels… Read more

When my kids turn 10 years old I start teaching them how to clean their bathroom. They’ve always had chores and had to clean but I felt at 10 they could really understand and do a good job where I didn’t have to go behind them and do it again. One day I heard my… Read more

Essential Oils Dishwasher Tabs Who loves washing dishes? Let me tell you, NOT this girl! If I could I would use everything paper or plastic and throw everything away at the end of the day. With 7 kiddos you can only imagine the amount of cups, spoons, forks, plates we go through in a day… Read more

A Guide to Understanding Essential Rewards Program What are Essential Rewards? Young Living offers an Essential Rewards (ER) program to YL members. ER is an autoship program (monthly box) where you purchase 50 PV (product value or point value) every month. THe Product Value is usually dollar for dollar in price value, but not always… Read more

I’ve been using Young Living’s essential oils for 6.5 – 7 years now and I’m shocked at the risks that people are taking when they jump into using essential oils. So, I feel I need to warn you all before you use another essential oil or before you buy your starter kit of essential oils… Read more

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