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Essential Oils

I know how hard it is to run a busy household, especially when you have to keep your eyes on little ones, make sure your school age kiddoes are attending there studies whether it be remote or in person and tending to household needs.  By the time it hits 1:30 in the afternoon I feel… Read more

We can always use a little spicing up in the bedroom and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner there no better time then now! However before you head to the drugstore to grab those lubricants and massage oils in the intimate section let me fill you in with some of their ingredients. They are… Read more

Chopped salads are some of my favorite go to lunches. They are quick, versatile, and extremely satisfying. This Greek style chickpea salad with essential oil dressing is easy to make and bursting with flavor. Perfect for if you’re on the go or just relaxing at home. Using Young Living vitality oils is the perfect way… Read more

Our skin needs moisture and nutrition to stay healthy so staying on top of it is a daily commitment. So when it comes to my face I wash and moisturize every day. Here are some of my favorite products that I use on a daily basis. Face Cleansers I wash my face every night (well…… Read more

A new year means new resolutions! I’m going to be honest, I am terrible at resolutions. I set them every year and fail most of the time. WHY? For me I tend to set way to many goals, so this year I am taking a different approach. One new goal for every other month with… Read more

Are you living your best bathtub life? If you aren’t infusing your bath with essential oils you aren’t living your best bathtub life. Yes a bath with warm water and bubbles sounds nice but you need to pamper yourself, you deserve it! By simply adding a few drops of Young Living essential oils to some… Read more

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