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Essential Oils

Are you living your best bathtub life? If you aren’t infusing your bath with essential oils you aren’t living your best bathtub life. Yes a bath with warm water and bubbles sounds nice but you need to pamper yourself, you deserve it! By simply adding a few drops of Young Living essential oils to some… Read more


We’ve always done themed meals like Taco Tuesday and Pizza and movie Friday, but we have recently added to our themed meals, Meatless Mondays!  I did a week long body cleans of meatless meals a few weeks ago and really enjoyed some of the meals I made. Now this one you can easily add chicken… Read more


Where it all began… On a Saturday night in Fort Collins at The Rock Nightclub there I was anxiously watching, waiting for him to arrive. I was so excited to see him again and hoped so badly that maybe this time he would notice me. While my friend and I  were dancing I noticed him… Read more

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

I can’t believe my last baby is already 1 year old.  I’m trying to take as much of you in as I can since you will be my last. You will be the last first steps, first words, potty training. Just thinking about it pulls a few heart stings. Javyin is such a  beautiful soul… Read more


It’s hard making a meal for 9 people that typically everyone loves. I usually have a few kiddoes who go through their dinner plate and like to pick out pieces of diced onions or something they don’t particularly like. To my surprise everyone enjoyed this meal, even the littlest one!  Greek Chicken and Rice Bowl… Read more

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

I think I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again, birthdays are my favorite celebrations! Since birthdays are so magical we had to have a fairy garden themed party for Raylen’s sixth birthday! It incorporated everything she loves doing, crafting, dressing up, fairies, and gardening. It was truly a magical whimsical day! The heart… Read more

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