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5 Risks of Using Young Living Essential Oils

I’ve been using Young Living’s essential oils for 6.5 – 7 years now and I’m shocked at the risks that people are taking when they jump into using essential oils. So, I feel I need to warn you all before you use another essential oil or before you buy your starter kit of essential oils!

1. Your house will smell AMAZING.

If you don’t want your home to smell amazing WITHOUT using all the HARSH TOXINS, you may not want to use Young Living’s essential oils. They have hundreds of single oils and blends to diffuse throughout your home making it your own personal oasis!

2. Your body will be thanking you

If you don’t want to support your body in a NATURAL way, you may want to steer clear of Young Living’s products. With using essential oil singles, blends, household products, and personal care products your body will be thanking you for removing the harmful, damaging chemicals.

3. Having a thirst for natural flavor

If you don’t like invigorating food and beverages you probably shouldn’t use Young Living’s vitality essential oils. From zesty and herbaceous to earthy and spicy, vitality oils make it easy to upgrade your food and beverages with just a drop of pure essential oil.

4. A safe clean home

If you enjoy not being able to breath during and after cleaning your bathrooms, oven, or kitchen, you will not enjoy using Young Living’s Thieves household cleaner. Our thieves products bring plant-based alternatives to your home, so you can replace harsh chemicals with naturally derived formulas that work hard, smell amazing and support your body, leaving your lungs in a healthy breath freely state!

5. Having clean hands on the go

If you enjoy eating food with your hands that have touched multiple surfaces that are bacteria infested, Thieves hand sanitizer is not for you. Kicking 99.99 % of germs to the curb, get clean hands anytime, anywhere with Thieves waterless hand sanitizer.

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